GGI FRP Packaged Smart STP

This is inhouse Make In India technology based on anaerobic followed by aerobic treatment recommended by Kerala State Government for use in De-centralized manner for House, Village and City Level. The FRP units makes it suitable to be installed in space efficient manner. It also comes with remote monitoring IOT system making it one of its kind.

Revolutionary Technology

This State of the Art Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is designed by Indian Conditions and Statutory Norms.

Automated system

We additionally provide automation system with failure protection critical alerts, Etc.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Maintenance requirement is very minimal 1-2 hours of maintained is sufficient every week. Operators are not required for Small and Mid Range Packaged Plants.

Meets Regulatory Standards

These Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to meet all parameters laid down by the latest Pollution Control Board Standards.

No Smell & Low Sound

This packaged plant does not emit any smell except during maintenance. Sound is lower than 50dp.similar to that of a mobile phone vibration.

Leak Proof

The FRP tanks used are manufactured using state of the art machinery and are individually pre-tested to make it leak proof.

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