Breaking News: Gujarat’s Circular Economy Vision for 2030!

Taking a cue from Japan and Germany, Gujarat aims to utilize 80% of wastewater by 2030. 🔄 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for a waste-utilizing economy was emphasized by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. From gobar gas to biogas projects, positive rural economy changes are underway. 🌱

💧 Gujarat has set a milestone by mandating the use of treated water, contributing to a circular economy. Kudos to Surat for its ‘cleanest city’ recognition! The Surat Municipal Corporation generates a revenue of Rs 140 crore annually by treating wastewater, showcasing a successful circular economy model.

🌍 D Thara from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs highlighted the transparency brought by Germany and Japan’s incinerators. Gujarat’s decision to use 80% of wastewater by 2030 is a significant economic advantage. ♻️ Recycling is no longer an option; it’s a compulsion, says Rajkumar Beniwal, CEO of Gujarat Maritime Board.

📈 Let’s applaud Gujarat’s commitment to a sustainable future and a circular economy. The World Bank’s Auguste Tano Kouame reminds us that waste is wealth, and proper waste management is crucial for a livable planet.


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