Grace Ecoreme - Algaecide

Grace Ecoreme – Algaecide is a unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria meticulously selected for their ability to degrade various compounds in pond ecosystems. These cultures are not only effective but also completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Eco-friendly bacteria
  • Decomposes organic sludge
  • Consumes nutrients – N, P & Ammonia
  • Controls algal growth & algal blooms
  • Organic growth stabilization & hence better 02 level for fishes
  • Enhances treatment of floating clumps due to dead to dead planktons
  • Reduces H2S generation
  • Used for water clarity improvement
  • Reduces COD & BOD of Lake/Pond
  • Converts a dead pond/lake into a healthy natural self regulating eco-system

Depends upon characteristic of water and also size and shape of water bodies.

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